Everything you need to know About 2024 Mac mini

Explore the 2024 Mac Mini’s M3 Pro processor with 11 or 12 core CPU and 14 or 18 GPU cores, delivering improved performance with a 3nm process. Delve into the AI capabilities of the M4 chip for advanced neural processing. Enjoy enhanced thermal efficiency for sustained high performance and better gaming capabilities. Anticipate two Thunderbolt/USB-C… Read More »

The iPhone 16 might switch to touch-sensitive buttons after all

If the iPhone 16 adopts touch-sensitive buttons, you can expect enhanced functionality, increased durability, and the ability to detect pressure levels for nuanced interactions. These buttons could integrate Taptic feedback, enhancing tactile sensations and offering customizable feedback. The innovation potential is vast, enabling unique ways of interacting with your device and potentially extending the device’s… Read More »

iPhone 16: Everything you need to know about the next big iPhone release

Get ready for the most anticipated iPhone release with the iPhone 16. Scheduled for a September 10, 2024 announcement, preorders might kick off on September 13. Shipping expected on September 20, with possible delays due to supply chain issues. Pricing likely to mirror the iPhone 15 lineup, with the base model starting around $799. Diverse color options include Black, Blue,… Read More »

10 Ways to Make Your iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery Last Longer

Key Takeaways Optimize Screen Brightness To maximize your iPhone’s battery life, adjust the screen brightness settings to a lower level that’s still comfortable for viewing. By optimizing the screen brightness, you can enhance energy efficiency and prolong your device’s battery life significantly. Lowering the brightness not only serves as a battery saver but also contributes… Read More »