iOS 17.3 Features: What’s New in iOS 17.3

By | February 15, 2024

Are you curious about the subtle yet impactful enhancements iOS 17.3 brings to your Apple device?

Discover how the new Secure Device Protection feature elevates your device’s security measures, providing you peace of mind like never before.


With features like collaborative playlists and emoji reactions in Apple Music, a whole new realm of music sharing opens up.

And there’s more to uncover, from AirPlay 2 innovations to AppleCare advancements.

Stay tuned to learn how iOS 17.3 is shaping up to enhance your Apple experience in unexpected ways.

Secure Device Protection

Enhance your device security with the new Secure Device Protection feature in iOS 17.3. This update introduces Stolen Device Protection, adding an extra layer of security to your Apple device. By enabling Stolen Device Protection and setting a passcode, you can prevent unauthorized access to your iCloud Keychain passwords. Face ID plays a crucial role in this security setup, ensuring that only you can erase device content and make purchases.

In iOS 17.3, changing your Apple ID password now requires Face ID authentication, along with a security delay to prevent any unauthorized modifications. Additionally, the security delay mechanism mandates biometric authentication for accessing sensitive settings, offering enhanced protection for your device. This feature is particularly useful in preventing unauthorized changes unless you’re in familiar locations like your home or workplace.

Apple Music Collaborative Playlists

Discover the exciting new Apple Music Collaborative Playlists feature in iOS 17.3, allowing users to create and edit playlists together with friends. This feature enables multiple users to collaborate on playlist curation, fostering interactive music sharing experiences.

You can invite friends to contribute to playlists without any limitations on the number of contributors. What’s more, you can add fun and expressive emoji reactions to songs within the collaborative playlists, enhancing the social aspect of music listening.

As the creator of a collaborative playlist, you retain control over managing contributors, songs, and collaboration settings, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable group playlist curation process.

With Apple Music Collaborative Playlists, you can engage with friends in a shared music creation experience like never before, making music listening a collaborative and collective endeavor. Get ready to explore the world of shared music curation and interaction with this exciting new feature.

Collaborative Playlist Emoji Reactions

After enjoying creating and editing playlists together with friends in the new Apple Music Collaborative Playlists feature, now you can further enhance your music sharing experience by adding emojis to songs within the collaborative playlists.


With this new addition, you have the ability to express your emotions and reactions to specific songs using a wide range of emojis. Whether it’s a standard emoji or a custom one, including animated emojis, these emoji reactions bring a fun and interactive element to the shared music playlist.

As you collaborate with others on curating the perfect playlist, these emoji reactions play alongside the songs, creating a more engaging and social atmosphere. This feature not only allows for more personalized expression but also fosters greater user engagement within the collaborative playlists on Apple Music.

AirPlay 2 in Hotels

Guests staying in select hotels can now enjoy the convenience of streaming content from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac to designated in-room TVs through the AirPlay 2 in Hotels feature.

This innovative feature enables guests to connect to in-room TVs via a QR code, providing an enhanced entertainment experience during their stay at the hotel. Developed in collaboration with LG for Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs, this seamless integration ensures a smooth and hassle-free content streaming process for guests.

Initially launched in specific hotels, such as IHG Hotels & Resorts, this AirPlay in Hotels feature caters to the needs of travelers looking to elevate their stay with easy and convenient content sharing on compatible hotel TVs.

AppleCare and Crash Detection

Enhancing device stability and user experience, iOS 17.3 introduces significant improvements in AppleCare coverage details and crash detection optimization. AppleCare coverage details are now conveniently displayed in Settings under General, providing quick access to warranty information for all Apple devices linked to your Apple ID. This enhancement ensures that you have comprehensive information about the coverage for all your Apple devices in one easily accessible location.

Moreover, the update includes enhanced crash detection optimization aimed at improving user experience and device stability. With these improvements, iOS 17.3 prioritizes the detection of crashes and works towards preventing them, ultimately leading to a smoother and more reliable performance on your Apple devices. By focusing on crash detection optimization, Apple continues to prioritize the seamless operation of its devices, offering users a more secure and efficient digital experience.


So, are you ready to take your Apple device to the next level with iOS 17.3?

With features like Secure Device Protection, collaborative playlists on Apple Music, and AirPlay 2 in Hotels, the possibilities for enhancing your Apple experience are endless.

Don’t wait any longer – update to iOS 17.3 now and start enjoying all the exciting new features and enhancements that await you.

Elevate your Apple experience today!


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