Everything New in iOS 17 Beta 6

By | March 9, 2024

If you’re hesitant about beta software, rest assured that iOS 17 Beta 6 has some significant improvements worth considering. With features like a redesigned splash screen in Photos and new popover screens, this update is shaping up to be a game-changer.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Explore the latest additions, including pets albums, pinch to crop, and customizable memories in Photos. Plus, there are intriguing hints about a potential Action Button for iPhone 15 Pro models.


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Key Takeaways

  • New splash screen and pet album access button enhance Photos app experience.
  • Widgets offer enhanced customization, including pet album access and pinch to crop.
  • Health app integrates weather logging for mood tracking and adjusts call buttons.
  • Speculation arises on potential Action Button for future iPhone models, reflecting Apple’s design focus.

Photos App Updates

Upon opening the Photos app in iOS 17 Beta 6, users are greeted with a new splash screen that enhances the user experience and introduces the latest features and functionalities. This new splash screen, designed by Apple, serves as a welcoming introduction to the app’s updated interface. As you navigate through the app, you’ll notice a new button that allows you to access pet albums seamlessly. This feature caters to pet owners, providing them with a convenient way to organize and view photos of their furry companions.

Moreover, the introduction of pinch to crop functionality in the Photos app offers users a more intuitive and efficient way to edit their images. This new capability simplifies the editing process, allowing you to crop photos with precision using a familiar gesture. Overall, these new additions in the Photos app aim to streamline the user experience and empower you to manage your photos more effectively on iOS 17 Beta 6.

Widget Enhancements

The iOS 17 Beta 6 introduces significant enhancements to widgets, offering users a more customizable and interactive experience. In this beta version, widgets, including the redesigned Photos widget, have received new customization options, allowing you to tailor them to your preferences.

Now, users can conveniently access pet albums directly from widgets, adding a personalized touch to their device. The pinch to crop functionality is another handy addition, making it easier to adjust images within widgets seamlessly.

One of the standout improvements is the enhanced customization of the Memories feature in the Photos widget, providing you with more control over how your memories are displayed. With these updates, iOS 17 Beta 6 empowers you to make your widgets more tailored to your liking, offering a more engaging and personalized experience on your device.

Health App Changes

In iOS 17 beta 6, an exciting addition to the Health app is the integration of weather logging as a new option for mood tracking. This feature allows you to correlate how weather conditions impact your overall well-being, providing valuable insights into your mood patterns. Alongside this update, the end button location during phone calls has been moved back to the center, offering a more traditional and user-friendly layout for call controls.

Additionally, there are indications pointing towards a potential new Action Button feature specifically tailored for iPhone 15 Pro models, hinting at enhanced functionality and convenience in future releases.


In addition, the introduction of a new splash screen in the Photos app showcases the latest features of iOS 17, while the incorporation of popover screens serves to educate users on various functionalities such as the Photos widget, pets albums, and pinch to crop feature. These changes aim to enhance user experience and provide a more informative and engaging interaction with the Health app and other iOS features.

Phone Call Button Adjustments

Repositioning the End Call button in iOS 17 Beta 6 to the center of the screen has significantly improved the user experience during phone calls. By moving back the End Call button, the goal is to enhance user experience and prevent confusion during phone calls.

This adjustment has been well-received by users who appreciate the easier access and improved usability. The central placement of the End Call button streamlines the call-ending process, making it more intuitive for users. The decision to move the End Call button back to the center reflects a user-centric design approach and has garnered positive feedback.

Potential Action Button for Iphone

Optimizing user interaction on future iPhone models may include the introduction of a potential Action Button for easier navigation and enhanced functionality. In iOS 17 beta 6, the relocation of the End Call button has sparked speculation about Apple’s design direction, particularly for the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro.

By reverting the End Call button to the center during phone calls in beta 6, Apple seems to be paving the way for significant design changes aimed at improving user experience and interface design on future iPhone iterations. This adjustment not only hints at a more intuitive approach to handling calls but also raises the possibility of a new interactive feature like the rumored Action Button on the horizon.

The redesign of the End Call button placement in iOS 17 beta 6 signifies Apple’s commitment to refining user interactions, potentially setting the stage for innovative enhancements in user experience on the iPhone 15 Pro.


To summarize, iOS 17 Beta 6 brings a wealth of exciting updates to enhance your user experience. From revamped splash screens in the Photos app to widget enhancements and Health app changes, there are plenty of new features to explore.

The tweaks to the phone call button and potential hints at an Action Button for iPhone 15 Pro models show that Apple is constantly evolving to meet user needs.

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in future releases.


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